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Howdy firenice03,
That is one thing I haven't done yet and thanks for checking, it's night time here at the Ponderosa and all are asleep but me and I was checking email and saw your response.  My focus lately was making sure all of the remains were removed so I could start over.  I kind of let it go during the summer because I have many other things to do and it is just easy to go to W7 and print what ever I need.  I will check out the link you gave me tomorrow and if all goes well now that I have a little bit more knowledge of Linux maybe I can follow the instructions this time.  I want all to know out there in LL forum land that I am not bashing Linux Lite or Linux at all about the printer thing.  I am so happy with LL and what it has brought to my old laptop that I love and I am thankful to all of you here on the forum who have patience with Linux green horns like me.  When coming from decades of using Windows to do everything it makes us lazy.  Before Windows I actually had to use the command line for everything on our old IBM 8085. 

Best regards,

@vint @trinidad

I gave another look on Canon's == I did see a recently updated driver..

As of 9/8/22 - UFR II/UFRII LT Printer Driver for Linux V5.60... Its a tar file (.tar.gz) - I can try and run an install in a 5.8 later this eve maybe..
Could be worth a shot???

If so, make a Timeshift backup prior for a restore point....

I appreciate the help and I will certainly give the supplied code a try, as far as blaming Linux I'm not laying all of the blame on them.  I know Canon as well as other OEM's do as little as possible to help out those who use Linux because the fact is that Microsoft has the lions share of OS' out there and that is who they cater to.  Also, I asked the question about windows and the printer a few months ago of two well known forum regulars and they disagree and said that Windows has nothing to do with the problem and since I am the one who messed up I tend to agree.   I would like to know how to sign into cups though so I can make sure that the printer is removed, how do I sign in?  Thanks for the help and have a great day.


 For Linux Lite probably should be
--- Code: ---sudo dpkg --purge cnrdrvcups-ufr2-us
--- End code ---

You don't need to run logged in as root. The # is not part of the code.
And by the way the blame for print driver problems in on the OEMs (Canon in this case) not on Linux in general.
Also https://itsubuntu.com/how-to-install-canon-printer-driver-in-ubuntu-22-04-lts/

--- Quote ---the choice is y or n and I pressed y
--- End quote ---
It will still be seen as a network printer because the sane librarys are complete.

It is a network printer because I made the mistake upon installation, the choice is y or n and I pressed y, # dpkg -P cnrdrvcups-ufr2-us is the removal code.


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