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Canon i9950 nearly working!


Welcome SciFiyNZ. If you have a look in the Help Manual under Hardware, Printer Setup, Canon, you should find some good information there. Before you start, delete the existing printer in Printers first.

Hi there.
I am new to Linux, but have successfully loaded 64bit Linux lite. After installation plugged in Canon i9950 printer and lite found my printer (amazing in itself, windows never has) and installed automatically.
However, when i print a page, ie a test page or image, the image is not fitting the page, even if i select fit to page .
Also, it tends to stop half way through the print, indicating analyzing, for very long periods, a half hour or more. It does complete the print if i shutdown then restart.
I have since found out that the developer of Linux Lite recommends the 32bit version. Is it worthwhile downloading this version and replacing, or is this something that cant be fixed, or maybe need to replace printer? It works fine in Windows so i Know printer not the problem.
Other than this hiccup I am finding this distribution awesome and really intuitive.


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