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Cannon ip3600 Printer


please kindly see link, for canon pixma ip600 drivers -- >http://otopsd.com/canon-ip3600-driver/  

Instructions for Canon printers are in the Help Manual.

I found this link http://askubuntu.com/questions/112591/how-do-i-get-a-canon-pixma-ip3600-printer-to-work
He basically says,
Try going in to Menu-System-Printers right click your printer, select Properties, in the line of Make and Model click on Change. The system will offer a lot of drivers (select Canon list), he  tried all the PIXMA ip drivers up (The system recommends PIXMA ip3000 but it doesn’t work for the ip3600). Finally the driver PIXMA ip4600 worked for me, it prints the Test page.

Hi Guy's.  I had set up my printer, a Cannon Pixma ip3600 and expected it would work without problems. LL installed my printer without hesitation. But no matter what I do I cannot get it to print anything out for me. All I have got is a flashing oramge light telling me that something is not right.  But what?  In XP I was able to find that same photo and print it out beautifully, there being no orange fault light flashing and no hesitation either. Could it be the driver? Maybe I need to download a Linux driver? But which one and where from? If any member could point me in the right direction, then I would love to hear from them. Regards Walt.


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