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[SOLVED] HP Officejet 6700 frustration and success



Did you try installing and using HPLIP with that OfficeJet 6700? HPLIP is THE utility to use for HP printer support in Linux.

According to the HPLIP website, with the exception of the photo card slots (I don't know if the 6700 even HAS them), HPLIP provides full fax, print and scan support for it...


Richard B:
Thanks Sheng-Chieh but as I wrote I got both scanning and printing working so don't need to buy another printer!

The problem does NOT apply to HP printers.   Instead the problem applies to multifunction printers.  Sadly, linux is behind the "curve" when putting printing and scanning together.

Historically, HP inkjet printers had been more linux friendly than other brands.  Try using a Lexmark or Dell (Lexmark rebranded) printer (paperweight in the linux world).


Richard B:
This is an "all-in-one". After several frustrating hours got it working. Installed it and test print worked fine. Tried scanner from scan application and that worked (surprise!). Then tried printing from applications and it would not work. Traced to having named the printer "Fred's printer" or equivalent. Remove the single quote and all is fine!

I guess this problem would apply to any HP printer, and quite likely to others. Beware!


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