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[SOLVED] HP officejet 6500 problem


You're very welcome, enjoy :) I always recommend HP printers to people, they have by far the best linux support.

The result was even better than i first thought. It's a printer/scanner, but I could never get the scanner to work in Win XP...now everything works!


Good one!

TYVM, Valtam :)

I love Linux Lite, I hope PayPal gets my money back from a lousy vendor tomorrow so that i can donate a little something to this great system.



Remove the printer from Menu, System, Printers. Reboot. Then open a terminal and do:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install hplip-gui
--- End code ---

Add and configure the printer from there via Menu.

The printer worked from startup but it does not function properly. When I look at the printer properties I get a very shortened menu that reflects none of the extensive properties for this printer. I tried re-installing all the drivers from the software centre but there was no change:

This is a screen shot as it is now:

Cannot get one as it was before but there were many more than 20 different settings, including a fast ink-saving option.

Any ideas please?



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