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[SOLVED] Forever Printing

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That's what I like about laser printers. Unless you're a business, even a starter toner cartridge will last YEARS.

I've owned this HP for several years now, and the starter cartridge is still printing. It's says it's low on toner, but printouts still look good, but I have a new cartridge waiting when it DOES die...


Brother gives pretty good linux support, but I recommend HP printers, their drivers and support is outstanding :)

Thanks so much for discovering that; it's good to know I'm not insane (yet). I wound up having to choose Brother HL-2140 Foomatic/hl1250, a different driver than the one recommended by default and the one in that thread, but so what it's over.


But now, whether printing off Linux or Windows, page data is fine but with random artifacts printed along with it. Tried power down, printer reset. No clue where this new problem came from but it's almost certainly a printer-only problem, so I'll wander over there...


Never mind. Replacing my ancient toner cartridge solved that. That thing was the original, starter cartridge with tape over the sensor hole and it worked for about five years!  This printer, at least compared to all the others I've had, is downright amazing.

Look at this thread, specifically post #5 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1748457 it solved the issue for this user. Post #7 says selecting the printer as a Brother HL-2170W also solves the issue, as does post #9 offer a solution, 3 solutions for you there :)

Thanks for that. From there, I see:

Driver Install Tool      
The tool will install LPR, CUPSwrapper driver and scanner driver (for scanner models).

LPR printer driver (deb package)      

CUPSwrapper printer driver (deb package)      

Shall I try which or all three?


Tried all three; no help. Now I'm unsure if I ever printed anything while booted in any Linus OS; that this problem has always been here but I never tripped over until now... good thing I don't really need it.


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