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[SOLVED] Canon Canoscan 3200F on Linux Lite

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Always a good idea to consult the Manual first, we cover all of the basic set up instructions there. Anything else you're more than welcome to use the Forums :)

Thanks for the link.....yes, it looks like the 3200F is experimental with very minimal support. The rest of the 3000F series is unsupported.

So, virtualbox may be the best choice if she wants to scan. Thanks Jerry for the info on virtualbox in the manual. After reading the tutorial, I did get usb working this morning and it detected my printer, usb hard drives, etc. Printer installed fine and prints. Sooooo, a step in the right direction and a word to others......it DOES help to read the manual....LOL.

Thanks again.


My Canon LIDE 210  scans OK using LL2.0  default scan up to 2400 (see preferences) dpi but is slow.  Other button functions on scanner don't appear to work but have not tested fully.
Fast scan 150 dpi  good enough for most cases.
Use XSANE for Gimp to give greater range of options.
Good enough for what I need I.e document archiving. email pdf etc.

Suggest you have a look here if you have not already done so ?

Good luck,

ADDENDUM  http://www.sane-project.org/sane-mfgs.html#Z-CANON   a more up to date link??

Support is classified as 'experimental' at best. You can try Virtualbox, look at the tutorial in the Help Manual under Software, Software Tutorials, Virtualbox to enable USB.

Thanks for the reply,

I just had a look through the manual for Canon and checked the compatible hardware list. I did not see the 3200F anyplace on the list. Of course, that list is mostly for printers and the Canoscan 3200F is a flatbed scanner only.....so I am not sure if that list is applicable.

I know my HP multi-purpose with scanner works great right away. However, the Canon was given to my daughter without a power cord and I wanted to double check before trying to locate a power adapter for the scanner.

The other choice would be to use the scanner in a virtual box, but I have had ZERO luck getting usb ports to work in a virtual box on linux......



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