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Windows cannot be maximized in hime

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Screen Record of my problem


I'm an absolute new to linux lite from Taiwan.

I found that I couldn't maximize the window of hime, so I couldn't save my change.

I've check this post

and try to create a new account.

But it didn't work well.

Is there any clue for me to solve this problem?

Or did I misunderstand something?


What happens if you try pressing Alt and F10 together when the window is active ?

What is 'hime'? Moved to Support section.

I had a similar problem with a different app, and it turned out to be something to do with the app itself (fixed in a newer release of the app), as a workaround I made the window go full-screen, and only then I could see the save buttons. So, you could try that and see if it

hime is a input method for Chinese chewing.


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