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WiFi GUI not working


Hello all !
I'm running LL 5.6 on a 2015 laptop with 6GB of ram, an Intel 5200U and a GTX 950M.
It's been a couple months since I can't see wifi networks in the menu. The wifi part simply reads "device not ready".
I have already done everything to check if the wireless card works and I even managed to connect to the internet using the terminal. So basically, the wireless card isn't at fault here.
I'm guessing that the easiest way to solve this (or at least try to) would be to reinstall XFCE, which I'm a little scared of doing as I accidentally bricked my whole GUI last summer while messing around with Nvidia drivers. Any suggestion on how to solve this is welcome.

Try re-installing the following:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install --reinstall network-manager network-manager-gnome
--- End code ---

Hi thanks for the reply, though it hasn't worked, I'm getting a little confused whether this problem comes from the GUI or the network itself. I've been able to access the internet by changing my /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml and doing
--- Code: ---sudo netplan apply
--- End code ---
. But even then the network icon on the panel is still indicating I'm not connected as well as the wifi part reading "Device not ready"
Again, any ideas are welcome :)


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