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Welcome message in bashrc


This part of the Bash command is custom:

--- Code: ---# Linux Lite Custom Terminal
LLVER=$(awk '{print}' /etc/llver)

echo -e "Welcome to $LLVER ${USER}"
echo " "
date "+%A %d %B %Y, %T"
free -m | awk 'NR==2{printf "Memory Usage: %s/%sMB (%.2f%%)\n", $3,$2,$3*100/$2 }'
df -h | awk '$NF=="/"{printf "Disk Usage: %d/%dGB (%s)\n", $3,$2,$5}'
echo "Support - [url][/url] (Right click, Open Link)"
echo " "
--- End code ---

Feel free to remove it or code it to your liking.


I recently had an issue with a program and the bash welcome message.
With a VScode extension which configure things by running a bash command and fetching the first few lines. This extension didn't work for me until I commented out the bashrc welcome message.

Maybe the extension is using the wrong method.
But I wanted to know if there were alternatives to display the welcome message? How does Ubuntu for example? Is there a conventional argument to indicate whether or not to display the message?

Best regards,


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