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Wanting to Import to Anki Program


Thanks for the help... I also asked anki themselves and they say i don't have the updated version..

I was just toying around with that program in a VM last week to see how it worked.  Can't remember how I got card decks installed, so just did it all in a VM again.

You can install the version from the repositories, or the deb file of latest version directly off of their site?

I used the deb file from their site:

The only things I tested out were two Spanish language sets from here:

I downloaded them to Downloads folder; opened Anki program and clicked "Import File" button along bottom of window; selected one file at a time and hit "Open".  They then showed up as decks in the interface to be used.  Try doing it that way.  (Don't extract the downloaded files first; just import them as they are when downloaded.)

Anki is a flashcard application.  It also has shared cards via the internet.  I follow the download instructions on the manual to get them, and it does not work.  It says to double click once the download is complete and it will instantly go into the anki program. It doesn't do this.  There is however an import button on the program that opens the download folder but when i select the file to download it says its unable to read file... the file is .apkg and it says it must be encoded into UTF-8.
What am i doing wrong?


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