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Very slow data transfer to USB memory stick

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This is a query regarding very slow data transfer from hard drive to a USB memory stick for the last few percent of the transfer of large files. The filetypes I've tried are .ISO and .MP4 of about 80Mb or so upwards. It's possible the same happens to small files, but I don't see it. What happens is that the transfer starts and continues at a "normal" speed, then slows to a crawl towards the end. This has caused apps, such as VLC, to crash.

The PC is a 2.7GHz dual core AMD 2 x2 22, 4Gb RAM, single boot, running LL 5.6. It takes about 2min 35 secs to boot up, and according to BTOP uses around 0.7Gb RAM and a few % CPU when idling. When I look at Task Manager, these figures are broadly agreed with. The real-time (I think) CPU usage display spikes a great deal to 100% from the time I run Task Manager during the time of slow file transfer. This seems to tie up with apps crashing. I've tried different memory sticks with the same result.

I'm new to Linux and have only been using LL for about 12 days and have no programming experience whatsoever. Although I'm posting this, LL is working very well for me. Please provide a simplistic response if possible.


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Didn't realise using capitals was a breach of protocol and won't do it again. It's just that I normally use capitals (when I don't forget) for main headings and filenames as I find them easier to see.



I also have this on different slow network connections and Windows too.
Not sure if this is because the file is "cached" in memory and working on the file integrity verification or the progress meter having a delay.
I would vote for the first.
File system does not seems to be culprit.
Also would add that the write speed of the USB key can be really slow.
Try and benchmark the usb drive to see read/write speed.

Bonus: Even USB 3 keys can have crappy read/write speed.

Thank you for your reply.

The problem does not arise on Windows. I've just installed LL5.6 on another PC, and the problem persists.

Regarding memory sticks, I've long had a suspicion that quality control is bad even amongst makes such as Kingston, Toshiba (renamed Kioxia for some reason), etc.

I tested my memory sticks a week or so ago on a USB 2.0 port, using Crystaldisk 8. I only tested a few items so the thoughts I offer have little statistical significance. The 5 USB 2.0 sticks tested averaged roughly 28Mb/s R, 5Mb/s W. The 3 USB 3.0 (3.2 gen1) sticks averaged roughly 25Mb/s R and 10Mb/s W. What cracked me up is that two used hard drives I bought produced an average of 33Mb/s R and 25Mb/s W. This suggests to me that on write, it's the slowness of the memory sticks (even the USB 3.0 sticks) that is the limitation and not the speed of the USB 2 port. If so, this shows memory sticks up in a very poor light.

You're right about bad USB 3.0 sticks!


Best wishes, Ean.


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