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Quite possibly interesting and useful for some people.  However, as a general rule (in any OS) it's generally discouraged for people to just download programs miscellaneously posted on the Internet.  In Linux OSs, it is strongly encouraged that people try to use software from trusted repositories over other sources whenever possible.

A better way for you to do this would be to set-up a free account on something like GitHub, upload your work there, then post links to that.  People can then see and inspect the source code before downloading anything.  Here are some links you may find useful for setting up and using Git:

If you do set-up a GitHub account, please post back with link to it after you've uploaded the programs above.  Thanks.

I am not sure if I am allowed to post software made by our selfs, just remove if its not allowed otherwise......

So since my change over to Linux I have really missed making software which was useful on windows using Delphi, I would normally make these software’s for personal use and then offer them for download for people who might also find them useful, nothing special just simple apps that could be useful to some.

So I finally installed Lazarus IDE and started making some linux useful apps(in my opinion) which is coded in free pascal, I am just starting with real simple stuff just to get use to the differences between free pascal and Delphi... anyway here is a Ohms law calculator for people who vape out there... I have included the windows one incase anyone wants it and also to see how the linux one will be later

Windows Basic version:  Windows Basic Download

Windows Version:  Windows  Download

Linux  Basic Version:  Linux Basic Download

I will be doing a Linux version with wire converting and coil builder calculation and also a juice mixer calculator, but for now just the basic linux version to see if there is any interest.


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