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After having problems finding a distro that would work with my laptop's touchpad, I found that Ubuntu 20.10 works with it, which is what I'm currently using. Most of the special F keys (F1, F2, etc...) work with it right off the bat, too, except for the screen brightness -/+ keys. (F11/F12 on my Lenovo Ideapad 3 laptop).

My question is, since Linux Lite distros are based on Ubuntu, I'd assume that the system command for keyboard shortcuts are the same.

For example: "brightness -10" or "backlight --dec -10" would be the system command for turning down the screen brightness using an F key.

I tried to Google the list, but can't find anything, surprisingly. So since I can add new custom keyboard shortcuts, I was wondering what exactly is the Ubuntu command for screen brightness, so I can try to add it manually to the keyboard shortcut list in Settings > Keyboard > Custom Shortcuts.

P.S. The brightness controller in the top-right drop-down menu works, it's just more convenient to make use of the dedicated F keys. I read online that this screen brightness control is a problem with many Ubuntu distros going back to Ubuntu 12.04, lol. I also tried the "acpi_backlight=vendor" solution and several variations of it with no luck. Those solutions were quite old so maybe there's a new kind of "acpi_backlight=vendor" solution?

Hi,  Not sure if I can help other than to say that under LL6.0 RC1 the touch pad and screen back light work OK on an Ideapad Gaming 3 although the keys are different for screen back light to those on your model (in my case Fn+F5 for darker and Fn+F6 for lighter). 

I chose LL6.0 for its nod to accessibility and in my case the need for a keyboard back light   but unfortunately this does not work yet (Fn+SPACE) in LL6.

Interestingly in my case, your distro. Ubuntu 21.10 shows the keyboard back light to be OK on my model.

Perhaps generate and upload a probe of your hardware and compare the results with what others have posted.


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