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upon waking the password dialogue is invisible


Thank you for getting back to us
For the invisible login window does this not happen every time ?

For the workaround of disabling screen lock when lid closed, is your system now behaving as you expect it to ?
If setting it to 'suspend' when Laptop lid closed stops it locking, what was it set to before ?

I put it on suspend which seems ok thanks.

The password dialog being invisible is random with no way of reproduding it yet, unfortunately. But thanks for the help

Can't reproduce this - but there are many variables.

Under Power Manager, System tab, what choice have you selected for 'When laptop lid is closed' ?
On the same tab under 'Security' is 'Lock screen when system is going to sleep' checked ?

Obviously it would be better to try to fix the problem of the invisible Login option but again there are many variables.

when i open my laptop linux lite wants a password to log back in. the dialogue is invisible so i have to restart the whole computer.
Is there a way of disabling needing a password upon sleeping and waking?

I disabled it for when the computer first boots up but it still needs a password upon waking


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