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Linux Lite 7.0 Final Released - See Release Announcement Section

Screen Saver, Screen Lock and Power Management fails to properly configure

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Joe Kerr

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I have made a number of attempts to reach my desired configuration (below).  I've tried multiple times from a fresh install (7.0 with the latest updates), but I continue to run into issues - usually a failure to lock, a delayed screen blank, a failure to create an unlock dialog, or a combination of the above.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

Dell Latitude 5590 (latest BIOS - 1.35.0 5-22-2024) (Using UEFI - GPT)

On Battery:
Screen Dims at 3 minutes
Screen Blanks at 5 minutes
Screen Locks at 5 minutes
System Suspends at 10 minutes
System Hibernates at 20 minutes
Network does not Suspend/Hibernate independently
Network does Suspend/Hibernate when System does (10m/20m)

On AC:
Screen Dims at 10 minutes
Screen Blanks at 15 minutes
Screen Locks at 15 minutes
System does not Suspend
System does not Hibernate
Network does not Suspend

Lid Switch Transition from Open to Closed:
Screen Blanks immediately
Screen Locks immediately
No other actions on Lid Switch Closure
Other actions are dictated by Power Source and Timers (as above)

Lid Switch Transition from Closed to Open:
If System/Network is in Suspend/Hibernation restore to Ready
Wake Screen immediately
Open Dialog Box for currently logged in user to provide Password

Independent Action - Upon Ctrl+Alt L (or other assigned key combo)
Screen Blanks immediately
Screen Locks immediately

No delays in Screen Blanking
No Artifacts of previous screen contents on Lid Open
Unlock Dialog Box must appear

I'd prefer to make all changes in shell, as changes via GUI don't seem to be consistent.

Here's some additional info - possibly helpful, but most likely not enough:

xfconf-query -v -l -c xfce4-power-manager
/xfce4-power-manager/blank-on-ac                        0
/xfce4-power-manager/brightness-switch                  0
/xfce4-power-manager/brightness-switch-restore-on-exit  1
/xfce4-power-manager/dpms-enabled                       true
/xfce4-power-manager/dpms-on-ac-off                     0
/xfce4-power-manager/dpms-on-ac-sleep                   0
/xfce4-power-manager/general-notification               true
/xfce4-power-manager/inactivity-on-battery              15
/xfce4-power-manager/inactivity-sleep-mode-on-battery   1
/xfce4-power-manager/lid-action-on-ac                   0
/xfce4-power-manager/lid-action-on-battery              0
/xfce4-power-manager/lock-screen-suspend-hibernate      true
/xfce4-power-manager/logind-handle-lid-switch           false
/xfce4-power-manager/power-button-action                4
/xfce4-power-manager/show-tray-icon                     true

I've also found this in my research:
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Linux Lite 7.0 Final Released - See Release Announcement Section