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Timeshift auf USB Stick erstellen


Yes, I think it would be possible.  With a recent timeshift snapshot on an external disk, the following sequence could work in the event of system disk failure.

I'd want to test it *before* I needed it.

1 Remove the original failed system disk
2 Fit a replacement disk
3 Boot from live media
4 Install system from the live media - I'd do this to get the partitioning sizes and booting right - especially if the replacement disk is different.
5 Use timeshift to change the system files on the replacement disk to match the snapshot.

If the snapshot wasn't recent, running full updates on the new install instead of step 5 would have a similar effect and I'd probably opt for that.

Thanks for the reply. asked again Would it not be possible to do a timeshift, which has all the updates, then reinstall Linux Lite and restore the timeshift file? Then I would at least have the system up to date again, right? The personal files, I realize are corrupted.

The primary use for timeshift is to back up the Linux system files allowing you to revert the system itself  to a previous state if required.
By default timeshift does not back up users files (home directories). You can modify it to do so but it isn't the primary purpose of the utility.

User data backups are done with 'Backups' (which is deja-dup).  By default, this tool saves (most of) the personal files held in a home directory and allows them to be restored if accidentally deleted or overwritten.

Neither of these provide a complete system image for use in the event of a disk failure though.  You could use them in combination with a fresh install to  recover from a disk failure, but it is important to know what each tool does.

To take a snapshot of a disk image to cover a disk failure,  a tool like clonezilla (or equivalent) would be appropriate.

Hello, I need your help.
I installed Linix Lite 6.0 and got everything working so far.
Now I want to make a system backup in case the system fails.
Is that possible with timeshift or do I need a complete backup of my partition?
Many Thanks.

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