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Thunderbird Pauses on Linux Lite 1.0.6


Thanks for the ideas.....yes, I am using IMAP for a couple email accounts and have made the changes. Will see if the problem continues. Thanks again.

Finding the exact issue if problematic, if your using imap with Thunderbird you may have large a "database" of messages being indexed. Or a connection issues with your email provider. We can however try to improve some performance:

Navigate to Preferences > Advanced > General > Enable Global Search and Indexer (Uncheck the box shown in image above)

You can also turn off "offline" messages, if your using imap it may take quite a bit of cpu/ram etc to sync your messages for offline use.

In the account settings, (Your Account) > Synchronization and Storage > Keep messages for this account on this computer, un-check this box.
(This of course won't keep any locally copies, but since imap keeps it on the server there is little downside unless you need messages offline)

This all assumes your using imap, let me know if you are not. And we can try to find ways of speeding up Thunderbird.

The lag appears while in use...opens fine and then go to read emails and it pauses. I think I may have seen this with other programs, but honestly I have only noticed it somewhat consistently with Thunderbird.....and again, not all the time. I wish I could be more detailed, but this has been kind of elusive....

Is the lag when you open or close, or while in use? And is it solely Thunderbird that does this?

Hi folks,

I am not sure why this happens, but have noticed since switching computers and installing LL 1.0.6 on this system that software will occasionally hang for a while. This is mostly noticed when using Thunderbird....the program will simply pause for close to a minute and I am unable to click any messages, tabs, close, etc. I can usually open other programs with no problems or click on tabs for other programs already open. I simply have to wait and twiddle my thumbs until Thunderbird wakes back up and then can go on with emails.

This does not happen all the time and appear to be random, but happens enough to be a nuisance......any thought?



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