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TeamViewer Remote Login Help Needed....

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TeamViewer Remote Login Help Needed....
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Here is a new one.....and I have done a little research on this but have no conclusion.

In the past I have installed VNC on my linux machine for remote desktop into my computer. After rebuilding this machine to LL 2.2 I decided to try Teamviewer 10 as a remote desktop app....since I have been using it for connecting to other systems for a couple years. It is much simpler to install and configure. However, it appears I cannot access the system from the outside when the screen is locked. When I first installed TV 10, I had no trouble accessing it during some testing, but the screen was never locked at that time. The last two times I have tried connecting remotely it has gone through the process of "initiating display parameters" but fails to actually connect. I can only assume this is due to the screen being locked locally.

Sooooo....what is the solution to getting this working correctly? And if there is no solution, is there a simplified method to get vnc running on LL installing vnc seems to keep changing each time I have to rebuild, and I have to figure out how to get it to work again.

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