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Taskbar is missing


You're welcome. Were you able to bring back your taskbar?

Thanks for the info. :)

Hi Rosss.

Since your panel is gone I'm assuming you have nothing to click on so let's start by open a terminal with the keyboard.

To open the terminal with the keyboard use this key combination

--- Code: ---ctrl+alt+t
--- End code ---

Next, let's open the settings manager. To open the xfce settings manager type this in the terminal and press enter

--- Code: ---xfce4-settings-manager
--- End code ---

In the settings manager click on the panel icon and this will open the panel window. From here you can edit existing or create new panels.

Here's a video that explains how to create and customize panels
Linux Lite Learning ::: Whisker Menu, Panels & DIY Dock!

My taskbar is missing. Is there a way I can get it back?


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