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snapshots created with timeshift are missed


My problem with timeshift is that I have created several snapshots in timeshift after the first backup for different reasons, but when you open the program in GUI it only shows me the first snapshot, the others that I have created are not seen, but if I go to browse there are not the ones that I create just the first one, where they go and how I can get them back?

I used to keep many snapshots but began to suspect the timeshift GUI didn't show them all as restore choices.

I began applying comments from the GUI which made it easier to keep track and doing that confirmed that some snapshots that had been made were just not visible from the GUI at a later date.

As part of trying to find what was going on, at the terminal prompt I ran 'sudo timeshift --check'.  This is supposed to create a snapshot (if a scheduled snapshot is due) but the command also 'found' the 'missing' snapshots, reported they had database problems and removed them.

That might be a reasonable action if they were damaged/unusable but goes a bit beyond what the manual states. Some warning or confirmation dialogue might be good.  Once the missing snapshats had been deleted I couldn't follow it further.

Next time I lose a snapshot from the GUI, I'll try 'sudo timeshift --list' to see if that spots the missing snapshot.

Maybe it will show you something.


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