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Seeking a very basic video editor

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Swamp Rat:
The Subject says what I want, a very basic video editor. I am NOT looking to do anything elaborate, probably ever. All I want to do is remove overly long beginnings and/or endings to videos that I have downloaded.

For example, I downloaded a pair of videos of concerts by a college music department. One has about 8 minutes at the end of the school's name and logo. The other has 10 minutes and 38 seconds in the beginning of the same and 7 minutes at the end. I just want to remove those dead minutes. If I could also cut dead spots, when the musicians change, that would be nice, but is not really needed at this time. Kdenlive, Openshot, and others are overkill for what I want to do.

Anyone have any suggestions for programs that you have used to do what I want?


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