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Title: Screen aspect on HP Ultrabook running LL 5.0
Post by: JanetBiggar on April 01, 2022, 12:11:53 AM
Unfortunately I don’t have a photo to post as I’ve already placed this laptop with a student, however I’m hoping someone has an answer such that I can tweak this later.

On the desktop when I hover over the various items in the panel the description of the icon pops up, however at least half of the text box is below the edge of the screen preventing the ability to see and read what it is.  It seems to be only this laptop where this is occurring so far. Most of the other laptops running this version show the text description above the icon when hovering over them…
I was hoping in the least there was a setting that would allow me to choose where that text box popped up (above the icon preferably).

My thoughts are that something is a bit “off” in the screen aspect ratio or that maybe there is an area in “panel” where I can fine tune this, however so far I’ve not found anything.

Any advice or ideas?