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Re-installing Xarchiver; Fixing broken filter in Synaptic Package Manager

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I ended up re-installing Linux Lite and all is well for now.

I just downloaded the latest version of LibreOffice. The extracted file is "LibreOffice_4.2.3.3_Linux_x86_deb". How do I install this program?   


Sounds like you're tried to extract the latest xarchiver from a tarball. That's ALMOST never necessary. More often than not, it's bad karma to second-guess the repositories.

All this shouldn't be a major disaster; Xarchiver is just a GUI front end for tar.

Try this. Open a terminal window [CTRL-ALT-T] and type the following:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get purge xarchiver
sudo apt-get install xarchiver
--- End code ---

If it bombs on a dependency, try this:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install -f
--- End code ---

THAT *SHOULD* fix the broken dependency or dependencies.

If not, sounds like things are REALLY bad. Maybe you deleted tar, in which case you can just type this in a terminal window:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install tar
--- End code ---

If all else fails, you can use Archive Manager/File Roller to extract tarballs, right click on it in Thunar, or use tar in a terminal. To extract the tarball 'fubar', type 'tar -xvzf fubar.tar.gz' in a termimal window.

Worst case scenario: Reinstall Linux Lite, and you may borrow my favorite phrase:

"Knows JUST ENOUGH Linux to be DANGEROUS."

As for myself, I'm (in)famous for goofing things up so badly sometimes, I have to 'nuke it and start over'. Mistakes are how we learn things...


I completely removed Xarchiver in Synaptic Package Manager so that I could install latest version of Xarchiver. Big mistake! After downloading the latest version of Xarchiver, I could not extract the files. Tried to re-install older version of Xarchiver in Lite Software Manager and received error message. Then tried to re-install Xarchiver in Synaptic Package Manager and also received error message that all files could not be retrieved.

Closed down and re-opened Synaptic Package Manager. Dialogue box stated that there was a broken filter in this program. Followed instructions to fix broken packages but it didn't work. Help!


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