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First, Bash scripts can edited in a text editor, such as Leafpad, Mousepad, or Xpad.

Second, to move the taskbar, you can right-click on it, then select Panel > Panel Preferences. A box titled 'Panel' will appear. Inside the 'Panel' box, If the 'Lock Panel' box is checked, uncheck it. You should now be able to 'drag' the taskbar to the top of the screen.

If this doesn't work, then select 'Vertical' in the 'Orientation' box. The panel will then move to the left side of the screen. Drag the panel across the screen to the right side, then select 'Horizontal' again. The panel will then relocate to the top of the screen.

Either one of these should get the taskbar out of the way of the Windows taskbar for you to use Remote Desktop.

Personally, I use TeamViewer, because I do all my remote desktop activities from remote locations...



  I have installed rDektop to replace Remmina because rDesktop RDP keyboard is correct while Remmina is not.

  rDeksktop has a seamless mode which integrates the remote Windows desktop with Linux Lite desktop but I have one issue: the Linux Lite launch bar is over the Windows launch bar so I can't press the "start button".
  At the top of the windows desktop I find a black bar which is similar in size to the launch bar of Linux lite. As far I understand the Remote Desktop should open with an offesset to see it bar. Otherwise I can imagine that the top black strip is for the Ubuntu menu' bar...

  Which editor could I use to edit a bash script to start rDesktop ?

  A last question: one of passwords of my RDP users contains a "!" inside. How to enter the whole password in bash including this char? "AABB!CCDD" (including in double quotes) does not seem to work.

    Giuseppe Chillemi


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