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question regarding "start find"


Hi all,  :)

Iīve got a question for better general understanding.

When clicking on "Menu" (the leftmost entry in the taskbar Iīm also presented with a search-field which helps with quickly finding a particular programme/app. Thatīs great.

I entered the search term "find" and got the following results:
(itīs a German setup but you certainly get what Iīm referring to)

As you can see thereīs an entry "find starten", i.e. "start find". Itīs the fifth entry from the top.
Itīs attached to a gears icon which certainly means itīs not a dedicated programme, rather some sort of setting or service.
At least thatīs my guess...  :003:

Hmm, I was wondering what the effect of clicking on it might be. So I clicked on it but nothing seems to have happened.
I looked in lnav for potential log entries but found nothing. :023:

Does anyone know what my clicking on it might have done?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

Many greetings from Rosika  :wave


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