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question regarding kernel panic

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question regarding kernel panic
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Hi all,   :)

here´s the scenario:

My main system is Linux Lite 6.2 and it is installed on an external HDD.
It´s a “Western Digital Technologies, Inc. Elements 25A2”. So I always boot my system from there. I´ve been doing it this way for years now and it´s been working really well.

9 days ago however, shortly after pressing the on/off button, the status messages reported something about “kernel panic”, and the system wouldn´t boot.  :-[

So I pressed the on/off button (holding it down for a while) in order to power the machine down. The OS hadn´t booted anyway.

Immediately after that I tried again and this time it worked flawlessly. No message of that kind anymore and the OS booted alright.
I believe the kernel panic message related to a USB device 1-1.2.3, which points to my HDD.

I started the PC every day for the past 9 days and it has been working fine ever since. No problems.

Today however (after 9 days) that kernel panic business happened again.
These are the messages I don´t like:

    - failed to execute /init (error -2)
    - Kernel panic - not syncinc …  no working init found. Try passing init= option to kernel
    - panic …
    - end kernel panic . 

I tried to boot a second time and now it worked flawlessly again.

As for hardware, I think it´s alright for me. I checked the HDD´s health with 'smartctl' and everything looks alright there.
I also tested my RAM with `memtester' from inside the running system and with 'memtest' as well.
No errors reported. I think (and hope) we may rule out any hardware issues.

I´m pretty clueless about this intermittent boot failure...

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Many greetings from Rosika  :wave


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Linux Lite 7.0 Final Released - See Release Announcement Section