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Poor quality video playback in browsers

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Thanks for posting misko, all of the above were tried, I reckon I'll stick with
smtube for full screen 1080p for now.  I'm planning on testing some slightly older
graphics card and perhaps older version of LL to see if it makes a difference. I've noticed this issue
with all the Ubuntu based distros I've tried on 14.04. So I'm thinking I'll try that out and some
other things when I get the time. No worries and thanks for your time  ;D

Hi light,
Have you installed your drivers?
If you have try this Flash Plugin
In Chrome you can enable hardware acceleration
Check if it's enabled with chrome://gpu
If it's not then type this in your browser chrome://flags
Search for "Override software rendering list" and enable it then check again in chrome://gpu
Test 1080 video with and without hardware acceleration
If nothing works then you can use Smplayer with Smtube or Qmplay2
Cheers :)

Thanks Valtam,

I've found a slight workaround at least for the youtube videos playback quality and size issue.
Maybe this will help someone else in a similar position who happens to be reading this,
just incase youtube would be a dealbreaker for them. Linux Lite is pretty awesome.

There's an app in the repository called smtube you can run it with vlc etc
It'll be listed in Multimedia afterwards.

This is the video I like to test with:

Runs perfectly in 1080p maxed on my 32" screen.


Sounds like you've just about run the gauntlet of things to try here, someone else may pop along with the right fix.

Just tried the 32 bit live, same problem. Double checked the 64 bit iso checksum, all good.


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