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Title: Pithos GUI
Post by: 1989Amigo on March 13, 2019, 01:29:36 PM
I'm not entirely new to Linux distros, but LL has me stumped on this one;

The GUI for Pithos is incomplete in that I cannot ADD-DELETE-MODIFY stations. There's no 'hot spot' to click... if you understand me here.

I tried to remove-reinstall Pithos and got the same thing.

In Ubuntu, Raspbian and Mint, it's all there for me to use, but is there an abbreviated version for LL only?

I DO have all the previous stations from the other distros all sync'd and listed, just can't modify them here in LL.
Title: Re: Pithos GUI
Post by: Artim on March 13, 2019, 05:06:35 PM
I suggest reopening it in Synaptic, highlighting it, and select Install Recommends.  It sounds like some kinda missing dependency.  If you don't have the "Restricted Extras" and such installed, you might want to do that too.