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my area got zapped by 5 or 6 real quick power surges now i can't do anything that requires sudo priviledges. something got corrupted or deleted. i tried to reset by the instructions in the LL manual, got nothing. i tried a couple other things in command prompt and got no clues. everything i have tried requires sudo priviledges. i'm running LL3.8. it takes longer to boot up and shut down than before.

i have two questions:

1) how do i get my password back?

2)isn't it stored somewhere in the system? can i get to it?

any and all help will be appreciated many thanks in advance.


You should be able to reset the password --

If you had more than one user (with root/sudo) and can log in or able to access a TTY, you can reset PW with...

--- Code: ---sudo passwd username

--- End code ---

If you reset and can access LL... you may want to revert if you made a recent back up - 3.8 TimeShift? I think it might still be... SystemBack...

@ firenice03

i have tried many many times to do what you suggest doing according to the LL manual. it won't boot into the grub screen. my fingers hurt from trying the timing but can't seem to get it right.

i am the only user of this machine, so that's no help. dam dam double dam! :banghead

to install 5.0 from a USB would i need the sudo (i forget)?

mucho thanx

@stompy - I have to double check the keystroke to enable grub if its hidden.... Or set very low time out...

To install LL5.x you dont need sudo... but it is a full install/new install... you could use the LiveUSB and access the drive to pull anything off.

*So my gru b doesn't typically show -- for me - after powering on press and hold SHIFT it should display...
If not you I suppose you could do a

--- Code: ---sudo update-grub
--- End code ---

firenice03........ thank you for the feed back. this all started trying to update my system. i went ahead and installed LL5.0 with no problems. fortunately i didn't lose anything, made back-ups for the good stuff. now i is a-ok. again thanx.  :57: :55: 


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