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Title: Onboard keyboard shows black (no letters) at login screen
Post by: JanetBiggar on March 20, 2019, 02:32:24 AM
So far the Onboard keyboard at login has worked well on two other older laptops, however on one laptop (a Mecer, i3, RAM 2 GB, HD approx 250 GB) it is now showing a black box with no letters at login.

It did show the proper keyboard at login initially, but not now even if I shut down and reboot.  When I do login using the real keyboard I can pull up the Onboard keyboard which shows up and works just fine.

I did find this thread, however it is rather detailed and greek to me!  Here is the link:

I initially had added the package via a command line rather than through install/remove programs in menu: $ sudo apt-get install onboard then opened the lightdm to set the keyboard on login settings via the misc tab.

These further comments may be helpful:
1) I decided to completely uninstall Onboard and then reinstall via the install/remove programs in the menu.  I clicked for install on the same two packages which I uninstalled earlier.  It when through what it was suppose to do, but then a message came up saying that it couldn't install it (sorry, I didn't take a pic of exactly what it said).
2) I then decided to restore to an early system back restore.  Once restored I shut down and rebooted and voila the login Onboard keyboard showed up just fine.  I then shut it down again and rebooted and now the login keyboard is black again.

Does anyone have a fix for this?