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Non-trivial RDP sessions


Hi all!

Here an idea came to mind, but I have not yet understood whether it can be implemented and how.

There is a PC with linux lite 3.8-32bit and two outputs for monitors (vga, hdmi), keyboards (scanners in keyboard mode), mice, monitors, also in the amount of two pieces, freerdp is configured. I would like to start two freerdp sessions at system startup and authorize two different users on the terminal server under Windows (there is no problem with this, you can write a script), but the main catch is that each session opens on its own monitor and only with its own a set of keyboard and mouse, for good, there was a binding to the USB port, and not to the device, so that in which case it was possible to hot-swap the device. If anyone had experience with similar implementations or can give good advice, I will be glad to help.


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