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No bluetooth adapters found


I am running LL 5.4 HP Slimline Desktop

I have not used Bluetooth for anything in the past but I was just seeing if I could pair BT keyboard.

First tried the gui bluetooth apps Bluetooth Adapters and Bluetooth Manager
Bluetooth Adapters just quickly appeared then disappeared and Bluetooth manager gave
me the error msg:
"Bluez daemon is not running, blueman-manager connot continue. This
probably means that there were no BT adapters detected or BT daemon was not started"

Running the scripts from the CLI showed that No BT adapters were found.
jrm> sudo python3 blueman-adapters
blueman-adapters version 2.1.2 starting
blueman-adapters 13.02.55 ERROR    Adapter:53 __init__  : No adapter(s) found   

I tried to go into the machines bios to see if I could do something in there
but bios doesn't have any settings for BT

I found the thread about someone else having the same problem on a Dell machine.
Jerry posted a fix but the link was about not finding Wifi not bluetooth so I did not
think it applied.

Any help is appreciated.


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