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Mouse arrow cursor will turn into a crosshair and desktop frozen

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 8) Good news! Happy to hear the system is now running smoothly.

Tried the HWE update route as suggested.  It upgraded successfully but the X cursor problem and other issues continued.  Also ensured that all updates were downloaded/active.  Still no joy.

So bit the bullet , backed up my user folder to external HDD and went for clean install of 2.0 on my old Tosh A10.  Running VERY smoooothly - had to adjust keyboard setting to English UK default 105 generic.  Bit disquieting the X cursor issue and hope it does not blight LL2.0. .


Can't help but  wonder if the 3.8 kernel eol (8-6-14) has at least something to do with it. Since the kernel is expiring soon it may not be as updated as would be otherwise. If I was in this situation I would test the following:

Test LL2 on your hardware in live mode and install and test further if things seem good.

Test upgrading an LL108 install to a Trusty kernel but I would do this on a fresh install not on a working system, at least initially.


I have been running LL1.08 successfully on my Tosh A10 for  some months without problem.

I have not recently knowingly downloaded any additional software add-ons.

For some reason I  too have  just started suffering the X cursor and freezing problem.. Changing cursor settings does not seem to make a difference.  Also browsers have now "lost" their - + sizing  "icons2 in the top right area of the browser screen.

Pointing to the search  boxes, it is difficult to achieve the blinking line  and to add text  query.

Not sure what, if anything, I have done to trigger this problem.  Help appreciated.



--- Quote ---I'll be using LL 1.06 or 1.08 .....
--- End quote ---

Please clarify. Are you using LL 106, 108 or both?

--- Quote ---... the mouse arrow cursor will turn into a crosshair and the desktop will seem frozen.  I found that if I do Alt-Tab and cycle to any open window that fixes it and the arrow and normal operation is back
--- End quote ---
If there are no open windows to alt-tab to does the desktop still freeze? Does the freeze always happen at the same time/under the same conditions (can you reproduce the problem or is it random)? If you boot on a live CD is the problem present?


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