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Title: Main menu went rogue on me
Post by: Swamp Rat on December 20, 2021, 09:20:46 PM
One of the early reasons that I found as an advantage of Linux is the catagorizing of the menu system. I had that (again) when I started using Linux Lite. But something has happened to my menu, and I don't know what caused it.

I have two identical computers, both running LL5, and both have almost all the same added and subtracted programs. The #2 computer is mostly a backup for the #1 unit. After I installed LL on both, I went through most of the options in the Settings to get the OS to be as I wished. After that, I mostly ignored all the items in Settings.

A few days ago, it was obvious that the entire menu had changed on the #1 computer that I use daily: Left and right had changed places, the word "Menu" to the right of the menuing LL feather had disappeared, the little group of icons just above that was now on the upper right, and the icons for each catagory's programs had at least doubled in size. The #2 unit still has the menu as it was installed and customized.

I CAN deal with this as it is, but I much prefer the way it all was when I installed LL and did the customization that I wanted. Can I do this?

In a search here, one person said that he uninstalled Whisker Menu, then re-installed it, and it solved his problem. I am reluctant to do this in case the new installation does not show  the added programs and does show the deleted programs.

Can I copy the menu [and its config file(s)] from the #2 computer to the #1? If so, where in the directories are they located and what are their names?

I do know that I can just do a full new installation, but that is like rebuilding a car engine when it only needs new spark plugs.

Thanks in advance for any solution to this. If anyone also wants to explain how this happened, I am curious about that, as I know I didn't do anything intentional to cause it.
Title: Re: Main menu went rogue on me
Post by: Moltke on December 23, 2021, 02:01:00 PM
If anyone also wants to explain how this happened

Maybe some update rewrote the settings, no sure tho, just a thought. :)
Title: Re: Main menu went rogue on me
Post by: Swamp Rat on December 24, 2021, 12:01:41 AM
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Maybe some update rewrote the settings
That is one of the likely culprits that I considered also. But I have had other updates since the problem appeared, and I doubt that I was the only one who received an update that would have caused it. That's why I did a search here before I posted. I didn't find anyone else having the same problem. If others had that happen, I would expect it to be a hot topic here, but it isn't.

Also, one of the reasons I switched to Linux is that the code is supposedly constantly examined for correctness and security. I find it unlikely that anyone could include in an update code that would reverse the positioning of everything in a known well organized menu system. And no subsequent update has reset the menu back to its original and perfect state. This didn't happen on April 1st.

Even though I had considered what you suggested, I appreciate your attempt at helping. If the situation continues, I will wait a while longer for others' thoughts before I do a re-installation, as a last resort.

The problem has been solved today!!!

I inadvertantly right clicked the menu icon with a lazy middle finger and saw Properties on my #2 computer this PM. Clicked Properties and duplicated on my #1 computer the settings in the #2 computer, which had the menu perfect, as they both did for quite a while. Voila! I now have the menu as it was before whatever caused it to go haywire. Still don't know what caused those settings to change, though. Computer gremlins??? Did a 100+ file update on the #2 unit without any menu change.