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Looking for a virtual keyboard in/for Linux Lite.


Hi, I'm new to both Linux and Linux Lite and would like some help with an issue I'm having. The laptop I currently have Linux Lite on has two malfunctioning keys (b and n), so I'd like to either access Linux Lite's virtual keyboard or set up hotkeys for those letters (something like Fn+v=b, Fn+m=n). The latter solution seems way too complicated to me and even if I were able to do that, a virtual keyboard might also come in handy sometime, so I'd like to find it anyway.

However, I can't seem to find Linux Lite's virtual keyboard anywhere. So far I couldn't find it in the Help Manual; nor under the accessibility menu (which is where I'd find it in Windows); nor in the main menu when searching it both in my native language and English. So then, where can I find a virtual keyboard in Linux Lite, please? Also, in (the unlikely) case there isn't one, how can I install a virtual keyboard for Linux Lite (preferably one that blends well with XFCE)? I couldn't find any in Lite Software's menu.

Thanks in advance!

There's onboard, you can install it by launching the terminal and running this command
--- Code: ---sudo apt install onboard
--- End code ---
hit Enter and type in your password when asked, the hit Enter again. Wait for the program to be installed, and once it is, search for it in the menu, launch it, and you can optionally pin it to the panel.

Hope this helps! :)

Thanks a lot, Moltke. Onboard turned out to be a really good virtual keyboard, much better and more configurable than what I was used to in Windows, though I've been learning to expect that throughout my Linux experience.

Now, while a virtual keyboard is certainly functional, I think I'd be able to type much faster with hotkey replacements for the missing letters. I understand configuring hotkeys is probably a more complicated task, and I don't mean to ask too much from you, so a simple direction towards some guide or site will suffice. Again, thanks in advance!

Is v a multi function key on the laptop?

If the Fn key on the laptop changes what the keyboard generates when pressing Fn+v compared with v on it's own, then it should be possible to remap Fn+v to another key using something like xmodmap.  If the machine doesn't generate a different code for the Fn version of 'v' I think the ability to type a v would be lost by remapping it.


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