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Locked out of my LL install.


Hi Valtam,
I have not reinstalled yet. I am locked out of the 'mucked up menu' install.

If 'getting in' is going to be a big deal, I will just reinstall or continue using the live cd; I presume that I can get persistence using the live cd by saving at shutdown to hdd or flash drive.

Did you reformat all the partitions when you reinstalled?

My LL 1.0.8 install to hdd has just started asking me to login and I have tried a number of things but am still locked out.

The words were:

--- Code: ---linuxlite xxxx login:
--- End code ---

(Where xxxx were some numbers that i do not recall.)

After I type the name I inserted at install time and push enter it asks for my password which I put in and then it just asks me to login again. At present I am working from LL live cd.

This is the first restart after my Menu muckup which was not fixable, so I wonder if more than the Menu has been mucked up...


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