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LL 6.6 RC1 Translations


Will do!

Thank you @bonnevie
If you could please head to and post the correct translations, that would be awesome :)


Great job with LL6.6 RC!  But running the French version I noticed the "Lite" name is lost in translation in most of Lite apps. It shouldn't be.  As a matter of branding and clarity, I think you should keep it.  In 6.6 RC1 French, the word "lite" or "light" is translated in three different ways and too generic (was it AI-translated?).  As a regular user, I submit it's confusing.  Pic related is Lite Apps's LL6.6 RC1 French OOTB. My suggestion is to keep the "Lite" brand for every LL exclusive apps no matter what language is used. Lite Software in French would turn into Applications Lite, for example, instead of "logiciels légers", which doesn't make a lot of sense.


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