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Lite Widget displayed off-screen

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I enabled the Lite Widget on the 5.4 release but it is displayed almost entirely off-screen.  Here is a picture of what is happening.

What should I do to get the widget readjusted on-screen?

Also, how would I move the widget to the second monitor?

Can you please screenshot both monitors with the Lite Widget enabled.

Ok, here is what it looks like.  Primary monitor on the right where the widget is off-screen.  Secondary monitor to the left where I would like the widget to be displayed.

If  I edit the line shown below in /etc/conky-lite/widget

to read "bottom_left"  instead of " bottom_right" I get this on the screen with the widget enabled.  Still not on the secondary monitor.

So I don' t know where to go after that.

So is this fixable to get on-screen on the right and on the second monitor or should I forget about it?

I'm curious ... does the task bar show on the screen?
Perhaps the resolutions for the monitors are the same - but need to be different... Makes sense with default its off screen to the right - is the taskbar/time missing as well...
If you can, use a lower resolution on the primary/screen on right...

I've had to do this in Linux and Windows depending on laptop and external monitors...

maybe worth a try


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