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LinuxLite 6.4 Media Server (Running Gerbera) becomes unresponsive


Hi,  I've set up a Linux Lite 6.4 machine - kernel updated to latest -> 6.3.5 (Running on an old Dell Vostro 400 PC with a ntel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz proc, a 256Gb SSD for OS, an 8Tb Seagate HDD for media file storage and 4Gb RAM).  The machine works fine and servers up the files as UPnP/DLNA just as desired but it becomes unresponsive after a day or two.  I haven't made any changes to the LL power options (Sleep mode etc. are not turned on by default).  Does anyone have any suggestions on things to try?  :dft003:


UPDATE - I have several PCs of the same type and have been able to replicate the issue on a different system.  I set up LL6.4 on it, installed Gerbera (sudo apt install gerbera), moved some media files to the machine and confirmed UPnP/DLNA was working and streamed video to a smart TV on my LAN.  Then I let the system sit overnight and this morning the power light is still on but the UPnP/DLNA server is no longer visible on the LAN and the PC is no longer responsive to keyboard or mouse input either.


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