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Hello everyone. Iím not tech-savvy so please pardon me if my concern doesnít make sense to you. My (work) email address was hacked because I opened an attachment from a very legitimate-looking email sent to me. When I opened it, I was using my other PC (Win10) and accessed my email via cloud. Is there any possibility that my other PC (running only Linux Lite 5.4) might have been infected with malware too because I opened Thunderbird hours after that just to check for new emails (the password wasnít changed yet at the time)? I didnít open any attachment. I always perform software updates before doing anything, and safe clean with Lite Tweaks before shutting down. Yesterday, I installed clamAV and clamTk, scanned files and directories, didnít detect anything. My company suggested Malwarebytes for our devices but I searched, itís only available for Linux Servers. My PCs are not linked (or not networked if I used the term correctly e.g. I cannot access a file in 1 PC from another). Any suggestions on what else should I do to rest assured that my Linux PC is protected? Thank you in advance!


1st - as the 2 PC's are not connected (networked) together you should be safe that nothing was pushed out.

Also, you mention you opened an email, there are varying types of "ware" - did you open an attachment, download or install? This type of malware should be scanned and removed (especially from the win10 system)...

If it was a type of "ware" that was attempting to capture your password or other personal information, you may be safest by just deleting that email. Even if you accessed email on other systems (as long as not that email). Lots of time "spyware" is wanting you enter info or takes you to a site that looks very similar to the real site and is wanting you to enter passwords and the alike...
RESET YOUR PASSWORDS if you did access this - any account that uses that password (if you reuse that password)..

As for ClamAV - check the HELP manual and give the forums a search lots of info how to scan and set up.

Thank you, @firenice03 !


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