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in File manager having DEVICES, PLACES NETWORK show


Sorry Janet but I have to lock these threads regarding anything related to LL 3.x. Series 3.x support ended in April 2021. See here - and it is unwise to run an unsupported operating system. Cheers.

I'm cleaning up a laptop that was placed with a student and noticed that when I open the administrator file manager file it NO LONGER shows the dark grey part on the left side where it lists DEVICE, PLACES, NETWORK.  I would like to get this back, but I've tried seeing if it's hidden (meaning the items side is pulled right over to the left side), but there's no ability to "pull" on the left side and expose this dark grey area.  Have a look at the two screen shots I have - one is from another laptop running LL 3.8 and then this one also running LL 3.8.
Does anyone know how I can get the grey left side back?
Here is an imgur link:


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