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My apologies. I thought (possibly incorrectly) that there is a cosmetic issue with how some items are being displayed on one of your systems and that looking at the desktop/file manager settings might help. 

The 'Backups' tool (aka deja dup) has the option (amongst other things) to roll back individual files to a previous state or to recover a file that has been deleted or moved.

As XFCE is the desktop environment for LL and Thunar is the default file manager, I've suggested locations where the user settings may be stored.
Backups would have been useful to check for any file changes in those locations on or around the date the cosmetic issue arose and to restore the older 'working' versions.
I assume from your reply that you don't use Backups so that avenue is not open - though manually inspecting the files might still help and you have the files on the system without the cosmetic issue as a 'control'.

My understanding is that the Package System Repair tool in Lite Tweaks may be useful if there is a problem with the Advanced Package Tool (apt) system so don't think it would help resolve a desktop or file manager settings issue.

All Gobledegook to me I'm afraid Steve - might running Package System Repair in Lite Tweaks possibly resolve the issue ?

It's not easy to tell from the description what the differences are. It seems to be mainly visual effects, so I'm guessing it may be in the xfce4 and/or Thunar configurations which are held in various locations.

If you regularly use 'Backups' (Deja Dup) and know the date on which things changed visually you can check for changes around that date and revert the configuration files.

key locations to check would include these and sub directories, but there may be others.

--- Code: ---~/.config/Thunar
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---~/config/xfce4
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---~.local/share/xfce4
--- End code ---


103 views and no comments - surely someone can offer some advise ?

I hate icons and work exclusively using the File Manager in either Compact or Detailed list view however, within the last 24 hours the display on my desktop has changed the colour of the folders and I haven't got a clue how or why this has happened. I have done a direct comparison of the settings on both my Desktop and Laptop which are both set up identically and list below the differences - obviously I would like to Desktop to mimic the Laptops display but am at a loss as to how to achieve this - is anyone able to assist please.

Settings on Both Machines are as follows :-   Appearance = Greybird, Icons=Papirus=Adapta & Windows Manager=Adapta

File Manager Home Screen
Compact List View on both machines = Black icons and/or folders
Detailed List View - Desktop as Compact List View - Laptop= Black icons on Light Blue/Turquoise folders

Compact List View on both machines = Black folders
Detailed List View - Desktop as Compact List View - Laptop= Light Blue/Turquoise folders

I would really like to get the desktop back to how it was displaying up until 24hrs ago - i.e. the same as the laptop and would appreciate any pointers that you can give me to achieve this please.

Many thanks


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