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I set an invalid display resolution and I can't figure out how to change it back


I can't boot into my desktop anymore because my monitor trips out as soon as it loads my desktop. Login screen is fine, just the desktop has a bad resolution set.

I can't figure out for the life of me how to change the resolution back from a recovery terminal. I see xorg.conf isn't really a thing anymore. I can't find any information on the replacement anywhere either, which is weird. I must be using some really wrong keywords.

Well I did find a link telling me to delete "~/.config/monitors.xml" but that doesn't exist in Linux Lite.

tl;dr: Please PLEASE how do I reset the display resolution??? It's 100% broken, monitor flickers with a distorted display please help


Where did you make the change?
- In displays or in a config file???

So... With the screen all twisted (is what I'm assuming)...

Log in to the desktop... Give a sec to load...

Launch terminal with the keys:

--- Code: ---CTRL ALT T
--- End code ---

You will be within terminal - don't click around...


--- Code: ---xrandr -s 800x600
--- End code ---

Your resolution should change to a 800x600 screen...
You can now launch DISPLAY (type from menu) to change resolutions..

This is a bit convoluted - but it may be the simplest...

Could it be the same problem as the other thread? I think the problem was happening when an external display was used on a laptop. I could be wrong, I usually am ;)


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