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I Can't Enter Grub or any Boot Order

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--- Quote from: ahmetinci06 on February 29, 2024, 10:49:49 AM ---Hi, i have an Lenovo Thinkpad 10 (2015) and i installed linux lite (6.4) on to it like half an year ago. Before that it had ubuntu, kali linux and arch linux. It firstly came with windows 10. After i installed linux lite i had 0 problems until i closed the lid of it and didn't opened it like 2 or 3 months. After that i realized i forgot my password and i can't do anything. Then i tried to format the pc and then i realized i cant enter the grub or bios boot order etc. and i cant change it from terminal because i forgot the sudo password. Yesterday i tried to remove CMOS battery and wait like 15-18 hours to reset itself. When i opened it after i had black screen for 10-15 seconds and a blue kayboard-thing popped up but nothing works (like shortcuts etc.) kust ENTER button works. When i press enter it just boots into linux lite. I don't know what to do and maybe someone can help. I can try physical things (like shorting etc.) to make it work at this point. I think bios problem causes from a bug? (this one: Im not sure. To sum it up, i have Linux lite 6.4 on my lenovo thinkpad 10 and i forget my password. Becasue of a bug in kernel i think, i cant enter to bios settins to format it. Im in a loop.

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I'm sure I am missing something. Any help will be really appreciated.


Its solved, i just powered it on and it directly post into bios.

as i said, i think beacause of an bug i cant enter to bios, to fix the bug i had to use sudo and i have forgotten the password.

As you can't recall the password you need to be able to enter BIOS or GRUB.  You may need to experiment a bit.  If you've previously installed various OS on the machine then I guess you must have got into BIOS/UEFI setup at least once before.

Entering BIOS/UEFI setup is designed not to be easy and timing is important.
Best thing is to search the internet for your model number for tips on what to press and when.

Accessing GRUB to initiate the password recovery may be easier as timing is less critical. The key to press and hold while booting should be either 'Esc' (if your system is UEFI) or 'Shift' (if your system is BIOS).

nope, i tried it. Both live linux and windows 10.


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