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How create Linux Lite 2.0 in Spanish


I don't have experience in this area but I played with Google and found this:


Google the words "create own ubuntu distro"

Hi Scott. Thanks for answering.

The problem is that I intend to use a LiveCD in Spanish in remote computers without internet access, so my idea of ​​building a Linux Lite version 2.0 in Spanish.

Any guide or link to guide me in this regard will be welcome.

Thank you.

Hello Pedro

Will installing proper language support work for you or at least get you started? See here ...

Valtam (along with the community) in the main LL creator, I'm sure he'll comment on this as soon as possible.

Greetings Lite Linux community.

First of all thanks for excellent SO.

I wish that you would guide me on the steps I take to create a version of Linux Lite 2.0 but in Spanish (Venezuela). My goal is to have a LiveCD Linux Lite 2.0 in Spanish and fit on a CD.

Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english :).


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