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Help! Cannot create zip/archive files

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OK, I have figured out what is happening, and since I gather one of the ideas behind Linux Lite is to attract Windows users, I'll set it out here because it might help people who have strong Windows ways (like me).

I was a bit puzzled how I could create archives without a problem and have this baffling set of error messages in the same day while doing what appeared to be a repetitive task. It seems to be a combination of Windows thinking and two different archiving tools that look very similar - I had installed an alternative when looking for some added functionality.

I usually create an empty archive file and then select files to put into it, and was not having trouble doing this in LL. But when I was told to 'read the manual' I noticed that the process recommended there is to create the archive by selecting the files you want in it - not a difference that I had seen as significant ever before. 

I see now that what happened to me is that I was using File Roller ('Archive Manager') at first, and having no problem whatsoever creating an empty archive, then selecting files to put into it. What threw me is that I then started using xarchiver (Unzip/Compress files) which has the same icon and nearly the same interface, and this program does not appear to allow the creation of an empty archive. If I follow the same procedure, everything looks the same, but these error messages occur because the archive file is not created because it is expecting to have an included file first.

Well, I have never had a problem doing it before - this started mid-session when I had already created several archives. I can check the documentation of course, it didn't really occur to me to do so when I have never needed to.

Have you looked at the tutorial in the Help Manual for how you to do this?

Here are shots of each of the error messages. The zip file itself not being found while files are being added to it, and the files not being found despite being in the same directory and selected for addition. Have tried different directories, removing spaces from file names and reinstalling all archive files and front ends.

Can you provide screen shots (please use or similar hosting site) of the errors.


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