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Hard drive usage pie chart



--- Quote from: 'PCNetSpec' pid='12300' dateline='1394457658' ---IIRC, it's the Nautilus file manager's right-click "Properties" (Basic tab) dialog for a "Drive"

If I'm wrong .. well let's just say it's been a while since I used Nautilus ;)

But this seems to bear me out:

--- End quote ---

Looks like my question was answered in another forum. I will just use Filelight. I am not messing with changing file managers in Linux Lite just for that.


There's Baobab (Gnome Disk Usage Anaylzer).  It's available through Synaptic.  I looked at the dependencies (per Debian) and even though it is a Gnome app it didn't appear to require half of the Gnome Shell, so it might be worth a look. 

There's also cdu (color du) which is a Perl script that runs the bash "du" command then "colorizes" the output and creates some nice bar graphs (but not pie charts) of the usage output.


What program will show hard drive usage like this?


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