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Exact printer driver for EPSON EXPRESSION XP-7100


Don't have Zorin but this might work.

In Zorin, open a browser and point it at

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---
If you see your printer listed, click on the name.

Hi Jerry,
First: Thanks for your answer. In Zorin the correct printer driver installed himself. I only started the system and after some minutes it asked for the allowance to install the driver. And I was really surprised, that the printer driver is exact for the XP-7100. So, because I dont know wehre to look it up, I couldn't find out, which driver it is exactly.

Second: The epson driver You announced me, I already installed. But there is no rear sheet feeder, because the driver serves all epson printers. But  that means without specific features.

If You can call tell me, how to find out in Zorin, I could try looking it up. But I'm not so familiar with the structures in Linux resp. Zorin. Maybe You can give me an advice?

Thanks George

Install in order:

1. Driver -

2. Utility -

How did you install the exact driver in zorin?

Hello, im looking for an exact printer driver for the EPSON EXPRESSION XP-7100. In order to use the rear feeding shaft with photo paper, I could not find a suitable printer driver.
In Zorin there is no problem to install the exact driver with lot of features for photo printing, inclusevely the rear feeding shaft. Can anyone help me?


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