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Email containing smartphone.3GP causes VLC BLACK screeen & system freeze


Google Gmail attachment containing simple text message &  Iphone "motion" photo.3gp.
Clicking the photo invokes VLC which causes the entire screen to go black. Power OFF works fine !

Removed crash-prone VLC, added Mplayer, problem solved.

This is F.Y.I.     However, I'm curious, [size=78%]whenever this happens, I question the sender about the ".3GP".  [/size]
The answer is always the same "What 3GP ?".
Is this something generated from the cell_fone ?   from Google ?

ALSO, please notice "whenever this happens---" has reduced font size to 78%.
I did not do that.  When I previewed this post, the size=78% was added. :046: [size=78%] [/size]


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